Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Olympics just wrapped up today with Canada winning the gold medal in Men's Hockey versus the U.S.A. What a way to finish! My brother was at the game through some good fortune (and witchcraft I'm pretty sure.) He's the luckiest guy on the planet I know on this day. He got to witness in person one of the most exciting hockey games of all time. I watched from Pemberton in a room full of old and new friends from both sides of the border (and a Swede.) After the game we visited another home full of new and old friends where we watched the closing ceremonies and shared a fantastic meal.
All in all it was a wonderful Sunday where I got to reflect on the Olympics I had been dreading. I had some pretty big reservations about the games coming to town over the last few years. A big inconvenience was how I perceived it for the most part. Then, when it finally hit two weeks ago and was on... it all worked. Obviously there were bugs to work out at first and things to streamline, but once the whole operation started to chug along it was hard to hate on it. I always thought I'd be out of town during the games, but found myself at home the last 2 weeks. I never went to any of the events, but spent some time in Whistler enjoying the whole atmosphere of the thing and catching up with visiting friends. It was a party. And a good one. The press seemed to focus on the negatives at the start of it all (and it was bit of a rocky ride). When the Canadians started climbing the podium to accept medals everyone got behind them, including me. I had lots of friends and family directly involved with the games. I haven't been able to get any of their reviews yet, but I'm pretty sure no one has any regrets. I'm just so glad we won that game!

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