Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Campbell Icefield Chalet

I spent last week splitboarding in the Rocky Mountains just north of Golden at The Campbell Icefield Chalet. I was part of a group of 8 made up of Jonaven Moore and his family and friends. We flew in on a big Bell 212 on a saturday and quickly set out to explore the new (to us) terrain. The group that was there the week before us numbered 30. They said something about hoping it snowed for us because they had tracked everything out. There were a lot of tracks around, but none where we wanted to ride. Except for the up tracks everywhere - thank you! The weather during the week was mostly cloudy with a little bit of new snow almost every night. The snowpack was super stable throughout the week too. There were also enough pillows and steep tree runs to keep us busy in the low visibility. The last morning dawned with clear skies and let us up into the alpine for one run before it milked out. At the end of the week we were pretty blissed out. We did our own cooking, ate amazing meals with great people and got some great footage for the Deeper project.
Our home for 7 days.

A pillow face we named Happyland!

Happyland from above.

More pillow stacks...

Jonaven in a pretty cool place.

Kelly Schovanek, me & Jonaven.

A room with a view.

Thunder Mountain catching some rare morning light.

The group before us had built a network of igloos and tunnels.

As I was taking this picture with the couloir on the left in the background...

Jonaven was taking this one in the couloir.

This line revealed itself to us for about 20 minutes one afternoon. We never did get the light to get to it.

Happy shot.

Thanks Harry Patterson for putting this one together.

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