Saturday, August 16, 2014


I just did a quick little mission to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. That entire coastline has always drawn me in. With so many places to explore it would literally take a lifetime to check all of them out. I hadn't been anywhere new (to me) over there for a little while so I picked a spot, hiked in and spent a few nights camped on the beach. Another beautiful spot for sure.

All I need for three days.
Three km in. It only got worse. 
First glimpse of the coast.

Home for a minute.
This zone is infamous for these.
Steamed mussels anyone?
Magic light in the evening.
Low tide.
I managed to miss stepping on most of these guys.
The locals were around but never showed themselves.
I rode a few waves but I don't think I'd haul a board down there again.
Three more km back to the van.