Friday, September 26, 2014

The S.V. Aja

About a month back I was fortunate to be able to get onboard a 35 foot sailboat (Aja) bound for the waters NW of Tofino. We spent 10 days sailing, surfing, fishing, exploring and enjoying the amazing coastline of the area. Thanks to Rich Elstrom for making it happen. It was definitely the highlight of my summer.
The Aja
We met up with friends on the Ola Suerte
Surf caddy
Captain Rich is a viking
Coho for dinner
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Queens Cove reflection 
Bright nights
Spinnaker sailing
Shore leave at Nootka Island 
Skuna Bay surf check
Nootka locals were around but never showed themselves 
Nothing like paddling right from the boat
Estevan Point
Beauty eh?
Good Morning!
South swell!
First Mate
Happy crew