Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mt Slalok

We've been touring around the Joffre Lakes this week quite a bit shooting footage for Deeper. The skies finally cleared yesterday and we got a good look at a line we've been eyeballing for a while now - Mt. Slalok. Jonaven & Ryan Daly joined forces (as they've been known to do) to tour up around the Matier Glacier and then up the back of Slalok. Ryan was dealing with some bronchial issues that ended up cutting his climb short about halfway up. Bummer, because there was a ton of snow left to shred after Jonaven dropped the line. About 5 hours from the Upper Joffre Lake to the top and about 2 minutes back down to the lake. Windy all morning, but it eased up right when we needed it to. Check out Jonaven's pics here.

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