Thursday, October 23, 2014

I got a little bit of the good stuff last week.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The S.V. Aja

About a month back I was fortunate to be able to get onboard a 35 foot sailboat (Aja) bound for the waters NW of Tofino. We spent 10 days sailing, surfing, fishing, exploring and enjoying the amazing coastline of the area. Thanks to Rich Elstrom for making it happen. It was definitely the highlight of my summer.
The Aja
We met up with friends on the Ola Suerte
Surf caddy
Captain Rich is a viking
Coho for dinner
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Queens Cove reflection 
Bright nights
Spinnaker sailing
Shore leave at Nootka Island 
Skuna Bay surf check
Nootka locals were around but never showed themselves 
Nothing like paddling right from the boat
Estevan Point
Beauty eh?
Good Morning!
South swell!
First Mate
Happy crew

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I just did a quick little mission to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. That entire coastline has always drawn me in. With so many places to explore it would literally take a lifetime to check all of them out. I hadn't been anywhere new (to me) over there for a little while so I picked a spot, hiked in and spent a few nights camped on the beach. Another beautiful spot for sure.

All I need for three days.
Three km in. It only got worse. 
First glimpse of the coast.

Home for a minute.
This zone is infamous for these.
Steamed mussels anyone?
Magic light in the evening.
Low tide.
I managed to miss stepping on most of these guys.
The locals were around but never showed themselves.
I rode a few waves but I don't think I'd haul a board down there again.
Three more km back to the van.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twelve months later...

This last year has probably been the most memorable of my life so far. In January I was just getting back onto a snowboard after starting chemo the previous month. By September I was off chemo and busy ticking things off my bucket list. Without the support of my family and friends I wouldn't be where I am right now. I thank you all for the best year I can remember! Happy New Year!!!

Technically from 2012 but it fits
Chris Fulton on Table Mountain. Thanks for getting me out on the skins and the bike Chris!
Up above Pemberton
Joffre Lakes tour with Dave B.
Hesquiat - finally!
Banked Slalom with Dano
Beating my brother got a little sweeter at the awards. Seasons Pass! Thanks Gwynn!
Chinese New Year
Gabriola Island
Walking up Mt Herman with Dan K and Mike Stamm
Winning the 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown with Rik Johnston
Reconnecting with Colin Adams
Visiting the Morrows
San Clemente
Gun Lake pickup
Spruce Lake drop off. Thanks for making it happen Dave Craig!
Monmouth Creek
Squamish from Echo Lake
Echo Lake
Squamish Music Fest was a real good time. J5

Fishing with Sean Johnson may be one of the funnest things ever
Orcas out of Sooke
Rowley mowing foam
Freshies ready for glass

Chicama - check!
3 amigos back from Peru
Garryoke with Bel Riose
Fundraiser in August. Thanks so much Leah!
Slow Food Cycling in Pemberton
Keith Zajac in the green room.

Beach camping
Nice setup
Halloween in San Diego
Vancouver morning