Sunday, March 21, 2010


Just spent 3 days in the Tantalus Range. We got a lift from Black Tusk Helicopters out of Squamish on a Thursday morning. The views from above the Rumbling Glacier were nothing short of spectacular. I could see from Mount Currie to Mount Baker. Jeremy Jones joined Jonaven to tag lines above the Squamish Valley for the "Deeper" project. The weather couldn't have been better for snow camping and touring. Sunny skies and not much wind. The east facing slopes we wanted to film demanded early morning starts so we could be done with them before the sun heated up too much. Skinning across a glacier in the dark with a headlamp was definitely a new experience for me. It was surreal to be so close to Highway 99 (full cell service) and be in the middle of some serious gnar at the same time. I've been driving past the Tantalus on Highway 99 for my entire life. To finally spend some time up there was very satisfying.

Home for 3 days.

Mt. Tantalus and the Rumbling Glacier.

Snow pits & test slopes on Day 1.

Jonaven and the Rumbling Glacier.

Jonaven climbing to his bivy spot around the corner. He spent the night on top of his line so he could ride it at sunrise.

Camp with Garibaldi in the distance.

Jones climbed right up this line in about 30 minutes. He then slayed it in about 1 minute.

Mikey Nixon was along for the excursion. Big smiles.

The clouds rolled in Saturday afternoon.

Ten minutes later we were in Squamish swatting mosquitoes.


Jeff Patterson said...

Oh man, I knew I missed the goods!

Cam said...

That is awesome, I cannot wait to see this movie. Words cannot describe how amped all these teasers are getting me.

David said...

Are you kidding me! that is awesome...Call me up next time around for sure!