Monday, March 29, 2010

Darren Proctor Memorial Avalanche Olympics

This past weekend a group of friends and family of Darren Proctor gathered in Whistler to commemorate his passing 10 years ago. Part 1 was the Avalanche Olympics on Tricouni Mountain Saturday morning. This consisted of timed beacon searches run in 3 man heats. The top 3 made it to the final where they each had to find 2 beacons. Winner take all - $500. The weather threatened for a while, but in the end the clouds parted and gave us some love. Thanks Proctor!

Akasha checks in. Stu photo.

Kevin, Mel & Darren getting busy at the grill with Cam.

Vanessa Stark digging for cash! Stu photo.

The finalists - Abby, Dave B & Helen. Stu photo.

Stu tabulating.

Fastest of the day - Abby! Stu photo.

After catching the end of the Grillers game (they won) everyone met down at Whistler Creek to spread Darren's remaining ashes. Then it was off to Creekbread for eats and awards.


A drink for our brother Prox.

Creekbread Mob.

BJ and Age.

Chris Miron & Dave B.

Steve Sherlock of course.

Wes, Seb & Tosh in the house.

Stu & Abby.

It's hard to believe it has been 10 years since Proctor passed on. Great to see everyone. Thanks to Stu for spearheading the 1st annual Avalanche Olympics. The plan is to make it an annual event in December. Watch for it next season.

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