Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One more from Feb.

I did a couple laps above Joffre Lakes yesterday in the afternoon. I had been there 2 days prior and found some pretty firm snow on the top half. Well that's now covered with up to a foot of blower pow. Forgot my goggles (?!) and lost my sunnies. Ouch - my eyeball!
This looked promising

If you've ever been to the 2nd Lake you'll recognize this little porker.

A river runs...

A little bit of light had me hurrying without goggles.

This looked like...
...this 2 days before.

Run #1 from below.
Run #1 drop in.

That was fun - better get another.

It started nuking on the way back up.

Run #2 looked like...
...this 2 days before.
It's been nice to drop back into touring for a second.

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