Tuesday, February 8, 2011

North Sister

I did a daytrip up to the North Sister near Mt. Baker last week with some of the WA crew. The snow wasn't great but the views were pretty amazing. I've dreamed of going up there for years. Thanks to Lucas for making it happen. Let's go back when there's some more snow!
The view that starts the wondering.
The ascent had everything (except soft snow.)

 Once we finally got up top the views were pretty awesome.
Blair hangin above the Sound.
Lucas and the South Sister.
Me with Baker in the back.
 This sums up the descent.
A little firm.
It ain't over...
...til it's over.
Had to leave one truck overnight with the trolls
 We didn't really ride any good snow but nobody seemed to mind. It turned into a cool recon trip that we'll cash in on later.

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