Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GT 2010

This past weekend Trout Lake played host to the 5th Annual Greg Todds Memorial. It's a gathering of Greg's friends and family to remember our buddy and play in the snow together. It's also one of the few snow "events" of the season where you can get a little recharge for your soul. The fastest time of the day went to Young Dave and Skye Sheele won the "Asian Canadian Downhill". Somehow I wound up with the "Hard Charger Award" for trying to find some untracked snow down a stack of pillows up top. After a day of racing in the clearcut it was back to town for a fundraising auction and a whole bunch of good times at the town hall in Trout Lake.

This year's edition was, uh... challenging.

Gary Van Os keeping it all in order.

Stu Andrews loves the mic. All day long.

Young Dave keeping it real.

Gary "Tuttle" Hall and Al Clark.

Tuttle drawing the heats.

Colin Adair & Devun Walsh made it out too.

Hardingham as usual.

Taylor Pearcey with hugs for everyone.

Terje and a slew of shreds were all in the race.

Young Dave does it again.

Al Clark threading the trees.

No caption could do this photo justice.

Noah taking it a little further.

Young Dave accepts his cup .

Skye Sheele takes the Asian Canadian Downhill for 2010.

B getting used to the Hard Charger.

Me and the some Trout Lake bros. Al Clark, Mark Friesen and Skye Sheele.

Gigi took the helmet for some laps.

B checks out Super Dave's Tucker.

Jonas Guinn found his own parking spot... don't ask.

Stu reminding everyone why we're all there. G.T.!!!
See you in T.L. next year.

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