Monday, December 28, 2009

Endless Snow at Rogers Pass

I spent a few days in Revelstoke just before Christmas with my old buddy Scott Newsome. Dan K. and I were taking the A.S.T. 2 course with Scott instructing. We got around 2 feet of snow in 3 days on Rogers Pass. Lots of changes in the upper snowpack to study and a few pow runs just before dark. Not too many pics of riding as most of it was done after sunset in snowstorms. Deepest snow of the season so far. A great way to update some back-country skills and spend time with friends.

No shortage of early season snow on the Pass.

Newsome the mountain man.


Stepping onto the rutschblock.

Looking down on Hwy 1.

Newsome about to drop into the deep.

Mount Sir Donald with the only sunlight we saw in 3 days - right before dark.

Dan K delirious in the apres.

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