Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goat Tour Pt 2

 So... we woke up to dry skies and got our train headed up the valley to the zone we'd scoped the day before. No goats today. Oh - I forgot to mention we took a couple of the goats into the alpine on Day 1 just for the hell of it. Well, for photos actually. Mountains, goats, snow shredding... you get the picture. Well you will when Yoshida's pics come out next year in the mag. Oh, and we dyed a goat blue too. He was pissed at first but I think he got into it after a while.
Smoky morning.
Break on the trail for...
...gypsy snacks from Forrest.
Blair & Sammy head up. Pic from Temple.
As does Forrest. Pic from Temple.
The mountains are green out here.
Forrest on his ridge. Pic from Temple.
The day went pretty well. The boys all got to tackle a line or two in pretty decent corn snow. The clouds held off. The views were amazing. Everybody came down smiling. Forrest even did a little pond skimming on the way out. We all made our way back to camp to find Pos & Stantech had made their way up the trail. We'd been to the Mervin Factory before we came in and they'd said they were going to try and meet us up there. "Yeah, cool" we said. "Yeah, right" we thought. But there they were - ready for anything. Well not really. It started raining that night and they were gone before we woke up the next morning. Good effort guys.
Yeah, it was a little weird. Pic from Temple.
Check back soon for Day 3.

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