Monday, April 4, 2011


The weather was crappy at home last week but the forecast looked promising in Utah. I booked a last minute flight and did a quick trip with Lucas & BJ. The first day was stellar. New snow and clear skies. We made our way out the back of Brighton and got a few. Day 2 was a weather day, but we soldiered on and made a few things happen in the conditions. On the 3rd day the skies partially cleared so we went out into the alpine again hoping for the best. Conditions were less than stellar so we cut out early and were back home that night. Thanks to Kristen & BJ for the hospitality (again).
New splitty from Rome!
Gotta get up...
...anyway you can.
Lines for the boys.
BJ & Lucas topping out.
First turns on the new Rome splitty. I like it.
Debari getting mountain urban on Day 2.
Lucas took over the Leines kitchen one night.
Milano's comes to Salt Lake City.
BJ making it happen on the weather day.

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