Saturday, January 29, 2011


Winter is rolling along. Just got back from a week in the Kootenays (and Revelstoke). I was shooting motion for the Rome movie that will drop in September. Along for the ride were Lucas Debari and Bjorn Leines. Jeff Patterson was taking stills. Conditions were... deep. All the raindrops that fell on the coast were chilled nicely into flakes where we were. We even had a little sunshine. Avy conditions were high so we kept off the big lines. Hooked up with Joey V. in Revy and Penner & Shandy down south. Snuck in a few laps on the Noboard with Cholo too. Good times.
Debari reviews.
Fractures like this kept us on the smaller stuff.
Ronald on his 238th hole of the day.

Patterson's into it.
Begbie Bars make my day.
Traffic in T.L.
The Hash Bros.
BJ on a fat stack.
One sled down means someone's riding out. Shandy, not too bummed.
Boot Tobogganing with Mr. Burns.
Beauty, eh?

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