Monday, September 21, 2009

Gone Fishing

My brother returned to B.C. a few weeks ago after living in Honduras for the summer. He lives in Vancouver now, but when he used to live in Whistler he spent much of his time flyfishing up here around Pemberton. One of his favorite places was the Birkenhead River. I used to join him and our friend Rob on some of their fishin' missions on the river back then. Last week he was back in Whistler doing some work and had a day off so we took the afternoon to return to the Birkenhead. The fishing was pretty slow but just to be out there throwing a line again was great for both of us. The river has changed quite a bit since we last fished there. Some of the favorite runs have shifted and new ones have developed. The locals are still there - check the bear in the photo. We'll be back.

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